Working Groups
Working groups within the Vaccination Program at the PathCheck Foundatio
We split our efforts into several working groups.

Vaccine Journey Design

    Brainstorms and proposes new User Experiences for the Vaccination Flow
    Performs user studies and publishes specifications and papers around it

Paper QR URI Specification & Protocol

    Design of a compact framework to represent Vaccine Credentials inside QR Codes.
    Design and development of payload types
    Design and development of a public key issuing database

Vaccination for Children

    Group focused entirely on the Vaccination flow of Children and early teens.

Boost Vaccine Diary App for users

A diary app for users to:
    Check user's eligibility
    Load their coupons
    Make vaccination appointments
    Display reminders from Public Health
    Capture vaccination credentials
    and symptom reporting

Veriscan App for Vaccination Teams in the Front Line

    User coupon scan - validity and schedule check
    Badge generation and badge printing - access to Bluetooth QR code printer, or delivery via user SMS or Mobile App if applicable
    Status generation and status printing
    Integration with FHIR / IIS / EHR and other reporting systems as required.

Bluetooth-based Checkin Protocol

    A protocol to check the health status of hundreds of users at the same time.
    Ideal for large events and venues

Check-in Application for Business

    For organizations, businesses, and other parties to scan and verify proof of vaccination from Paper, SMS, or Mobile App vaccination cards

Issuing Credentials Portal

    Public and private key management solution
    Revocation and distribution of keys

Scheduling Systems

    Omnichannel appointment system
    Web, SMS, App, and Paper QR Cards integration

Vaccination Dashboard

    Tracks vaccinations per zipcode
    Symptom reporting
    Prediction and Analytics

Supply-chain Dashboard

    Link to state vaccine allotment fulfillment (direct read)
    Show site-specific and manufacturer-specific doses administered
    Show site-specific follow-up dosing with interval bins
    Show site-specific population demographics based upon coupon usage and badge generation
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