Working Groups

Working groups within the Vaccination Program at the PathCheck Foundatio

We split our efforts into several working groups.

Vaccine Journey Design

  • Brainstorms and proposes new User Experiences for the Vaccination Flow

  • Performs user studies and publishes specifications and papers around it

Paper QR URI Specification & Protocol

  • Design of a compact framework to represent Vaccine Credentials inside QR Codes.

  • Design and development of payload types

  • Design and development of a public key issuing database

Vaccination for Children

  • Group focused entirely on the Vaccination flow of Children and early teens.

Boost Vaccine Diary App for users

A diary app for users to:

  • Check user's eligibility

  • Load their coupons

  • Make vaccination appointments

  • Display reminders from Public Health

  • Capture vaccination credentials

  • and symptom reporting

Veriscan App for Vaccination Teams in the Front Line

  • User coupon scan - validity and schedule check

  • Badge generation and badge printing - access to Bluetooth QR code printer, or delivery via user SMS or Mobile App if applicable

  • Status generation and status printing

  • Integration with FHIR / IIS / EHR and other reporting systems as required.

Bluetooth-based Checkin Protocol

  • A protocol to check the health status of hundreds of users at the same time.

  • Ideal for large events and venues

Check-in Application for Business

  • For organizations, businesses, and other parties to scan and verify proof of vaccination from Paper, SMS, or Mobile App vaccination cards

Issuing Credentials Portal

  • Public and private key management solution

  • Revocation and distribution of keys

Scheduling Systems

  • Omnichannel appointment system

  • Web, SMS, App, and Paper QR Cards integration

Vaccination Dashboard

  • Tracks vaccinations per zipcode

  • Symptom reporting

  • Prediction and Analytics

Supply-chain Dashboard

  • Link to state vaccine allotment fulfillment (direct read)

  • Show site-specific and manufacturer-specific doses administered

  • Show site-specific follow-up dosing with interval bins

  • Show site-specific population demographics based upon coupon usage and badge generation

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